Why offer classes with us?

  • We are your matchmakers so that you can focus your energy on creating creative and interesting content.  
  • Interactive live online classes so that instructors and learners have a dynamic and interactive experience.
  • Utilize the ZOOM platform so that your class environment is stable, professional, and easy to use.  
  • Support for both instructors and learners so that you never feel overwhelmed and alone.  
  • Simplify the planning, marketing, and logistics so that you can prepare and deliver content that learners love. 
  • You set class pricing, minimum enrollment, and class times so that you retain control of your income.
  • Payment is made via direct deposit and you can request it after you hold your class, so that your money is in your hands, exactly where it should be.

Become an Instructor

Video should contain: a. your name, b. where you live, c. what courses you would like to instruct, d. what makes you qualified to instruct, and e. your favorite color.