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Bridgerton Book Club

The costumes!

The set design! 

The balls! 


Did you binge Shonda Rimes’ new production of Bridgerton over the holidays? We did. We rationed out the viewing to make it last longer, but I think that still qualifies as a binge. I am a long-time fan of period dramas. Give me a season of Downton Abbey any day! Bridgerton is like that with a modern production twist. It was a lusty romance novel mixed with Downton, all blended up into an addictive production. The intrepid gossip writer, Lady Whistledown, documents and publicizes the life and times of this glamorous group of “ton” folk. 

I was so happy when I found out that this series was based on books! Even better, one of our fun instructors developed a new course to feature and discuss these stories! Dawn Behrens will be surely wearing a feather boa, and perhaps a tiara, while hosting this once-a-month class. It will meet on the first Tuesday every month at 8 pm Easern. You can enroll and pay by the single meeting, so it isn’t a commitment too far off in the future. I mean, you may get invited to a ball in the high London season and we would HATE to have this course get in the way of that! 

Not to worry that you’ll run out of things to talk about… there are 12 Bridgerton novels! 

These books were written by Julia Quinn, which is the nom de plume for Julie Cotler Pottinger. She is a New York Times best-selling author. The novel series documents the Bridgerton family between 1813 and 1827. The family has eight children, named alphabetically and adorably. Each book follows the life and times of this family through rich descriptive language and bodice-tearing passion! 

Our instructor, Dawn Behrens, describes herself as “an artist, a dancer, an actor, a musician, a teacher, a poet, a book author, a sorority house mom, and even a shoe shine. And I have tried to ‘shine’ in each of these endeavors.” She is such a fun person to interact with and I just know she is the right person to host this book discussion. She says she is eccentric but we think she is as smart as a whip and as friendly as an ice cream cone. 

Dawn has reinvented herself over and over in her life. She recently tapped into her artistic side and the latest endeavor has helped her to navigate these COVID times. She has two sculpture pieces accepted to a juried gallery exhibition for January 14 – February 14, 2021 titled “Faces of COVID”, which is a proud moment for her! 

Dawn tells me, “I am a firm believer in lifetime learning and embracing new opportunities. I love reading, I love learning about books I haven’t read yet, and I love discussing the books that I read. That’s why I’m so excited to have this platform at Your Teachable Moment where I can share one of my great passions. One of my favorite quotes is: You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. -Les Brown. I’ll never be too old to set another goal, dream a new dream, or wear a boa and tiara!”

And… yes… I said bodice-tearing passion. You should definitely join us in what will surely be a memorable series of courses. 

Wendy Blizard Eldredge – Founding Partner

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