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Animation Appreciation, 1 meeting, January 9, 11am Eastern

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All Levels

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01h 30m

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01h 30m

Animation Appreciation

Animation Appreciation


No, animated films are not just for kids. Most are packed with mature nuances and themes. In this one-session course, we will unpack some of those deeper meanings, relish in the layered beauty, and discuss this history and methods of this astonishing artform.

Class will be about an hour of lecture slides and video viewing, with 30 minutes discussion afterward.

*Though I am a  huge fan of classic Disney works, and Walt has always been an inspiration to me, I have decided to stray away from Disney for this course and shine light on fantastic films that may get less time in the sun.

What to learn?

You will be exposed to interesting animated films from around the world, many you may have never seen before. You will also learn about some of the techniques used to make these works of art come to life on screen.


  • You just need an open imagination!

Target Audience

  • Anyone. Animation is for all.


4.75 /5

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My name is Alexis and I am a storyteller. I was 8 years old when I knew that I wanted to make movies. I have never stopped chasing that dream. I want to encourage others to chase their dreams, as well

Student Reviews

I really enjoyed this, as I learned a lot about the early history of animation and lesser known works from around the world. Alexis's teaching style was engaging and kept my attention. She covered a lot of really good ground in just an hour!

An excellent course! It is an absolutely fascinating look into the diverse beauty of animated films all across the world. I learned so much - the course really packs a punch in just one hour - and am excited to explore these amazing films and their animated studios/artists even further! Alexis Johnson is a great instructor who inspires curiosity and child-like wonder. I would highly recommend this course to not only expand your perspective, but to witness the astounding imagination and creativity of visionaries!

I really enjoyed this course and was introduced to new artists whose work I'm eager to explore.



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