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Author-to-Author: award-winning novelist guides you to write a book!, 18 meetings, $270, starts May 23, 4pm Eastern

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Week 1

Welcome! Let's talk about your protagonist.
May 23 Live Class

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Session 2: Begins Sunday, May 23, 2021 & Ends Sunday, Sept. 26, 2021. (No class July 4, 2021)

4pm Eastern

$15/week– $270/Entire Course of 18 Weeks

Do you love writing like you love breathing?  Over 18 weeks, I guide aspiring authors to craft character, make setting a powerful component of story, and provide the foundations of novel-craft, one week at a time!!

I’m an award-winning author, longtime English teacher, and freelance editor. If you have the desire to write a story that’s dying to be told, I can help you make it a reality. I utilize my expertise as well as respected resources, meaningful video clips, and an overflowing mental “toolbox” that’s stocked by over two decades of teaching.


What to learn?

I will not only present engaging lessons, but also do a deep dive into your once-a-week writing assignments and provide one-on-one coaching to free the story that is dying to break out of your mind and flow beautifully onto the page.


  • It is vital that you be enrolled and active for the entire 18 weeks, as lessons build upon one another. Latecomers should not expect me to reteach missed lessons.
  • You will need a gmail account to access the provided digital notebook that is Google-Slides-based. After enrolling, please join my Google Classroom so that you can access the digital notebook when it posts about 15 minutes before class on the first day of our session. Here is the link: https://classroom.google.com/c/MjM1MjkzMTE2ODI2?cjc=bpspgon
  • Homework:
  • This is a 60-minute weekly class that includes a digital notebook (Google Doc) provided to each participant that is added to week-by-week. You will share your writing assignment by the following Tuesday at 11:59 P.M. and receive meaningful individual feedback one time prior to the subsequent Saturday class. While you are welcome to contact me to ask questions after the feedback, I will be unable to evaluate your work more than once before our next class. I promise that my feedback will be empathetic, compassionate and helpful. I'm effusive with what’s working and quite specific as to how you can improve to not only write your story, but also grow skills that'll help you in English classes!
  • Assessment:
  • Each lesson concludes with a writing assignment focused on helping you grow as a writer and improve your book-in-progress that will be in your digital notebook. The two Quick Writes per lesson are not assessed; rather, these Quick Writes act as "brain food" for the writing assignment. The goal is to carefully and deliberately engage the writing process. I will evaluate the submitted digital notebook for evidence of mastery of that week's writing goal.
  • 2-4 hours+ per week needed outside of class.

Target Audience

  • People who are passionate about writing and aspire to write a book.


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Material Includes

  • Access to Google Classroom in order to access interactive digital notebook and weekly writing assignments on Google Docs to allow me to have one-on-one interaction with you.


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