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Better Breathing for Wind Players, 1 session, $10, February 26, 12pm Eastern

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February 26

February 26


This course is being offered on Sunday, February 28, at 12:00 pm noon.  In this class I will discuss the importance of proper breathing for wind musicians and provide a number of exercises to help learners improve their inhalation and make their air last longer.  This lecture-style course is designed for musicians of all abilities and will include opportunity for questions at the end.

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Learners will gain knowledge of several breathing techniques to aid them in getting a deep breath. Students will learn how to breathe properly for playing a wind instrument. Learners will be given tools to improve their breathing.


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Gretchen L. Germann enjoys performing, but her true passion lies in teaching. Dedicated to seeing her students succeed in music and in life, Mrs. Germann believes that learning a musical instrument should be invigorating and rewarding. Mrs. Germann holds a


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