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Creating A Life of Gratitude, $10, 1 meeting, February 16, 7pm Eastern

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Creating A Life of Gratitude?

February 16


Tuesday, February 16 @ 7p.m.EASTERN

Let’s discover different ways to show gratitude. Find out how our mindsetand attitude change when we look for the things we are thankful for. Starting each day with a greatful heart will help your day improve. We will use different ideas each week to promote gratitude and a positive mindset.Journaling is a great way to keep memories of things that we are thankfulfor so when we have a bad day, we can revisit these entries to help get our attitude back on track. I will guide the students each week in positive activities. My hope is that we will build relationships with others in the classroom and feel comfortable to share our entries and how it has helped us during the week in our everyday lives.

Creating A Life of Gratitude?

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Marrying a farmer moved Lynita Stambaugh to Illinois a little over 7 years ago. She and her husband have four children between them, but are empty-nesters. Although Lynita currently lives in Illinois, she will always be an Iowan at heart, since


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