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How to Support your LGBTQ+ Child, 5 sessions, $64, starts February 17, 730pm Eastern

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All Levels

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LGBTQ+ Vocab

All of the vocab you will need to understand the various gender identities, sexualities, and other LGBTQ+ Terms.




Live Classes


Meets weekly on Wednesdays 7:30 pm EST (2/17; 2/24; 3/3; 3/10; 3/17)

This is a 5-part crash course in everything you will need to know in order to support anyone–not just kids–in your life who identify as LGBTQ+. This class will give you the vocabulary, the history, and the mindsets for empathy and acceptance all LGBT allies need when supporting the queer people in their life. This class is focused on learning about the different sexualities, gender identities, and finding ways to support and uplift our LGBTQ+ children and neighbors.  It will teach you how to discuss LGBTQ issues including non-heteronormative sex and health education for LGBTQ+ children.

The goal of this class is not to get a complete understanding of all sexualities and gender identities (as they are ever-changing and growing day to day) but to accept those different from you and find the tools to support them as educated allies.

If you are low-income or have experienced recent hardships such as a loss of job or family member but would still like to take the class, please email me at ceberta@bu.edu.

What to learn?

Empathy, LGBTQ education, LGBTQ sex education, family support.


  • An open mind.

Target Audience

  • Anyone who wants to become an informed, educated, and supportive ally.


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Hello! I'm Cas, a trained Sexual Health Educator who has taught high school sex ed for going on three years. I teach a gender and sexuality inclusive curriculum focused on comprehensive, accurate, and relevant information to help empower young people

Material Includes

  • GSA list of terms


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