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Improv Acting With the Second City’s Trained Teacher Jeremy (Beginner-Expert), 1 session, $12, April 23, 4:30pm Eastern

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April 23 Live Class


April 23rd @ 4:30 pm (EST). I teach an online-interactive Improvisation (Improv) Acting lesson that allows learners to speak using beginner-medium level exercises and practice routines. I have a great amount of experience when perceiving my students abilities and adapting to their abilities accordingly. More advanced students will be challenged to suit their needs. Beginner students will receive professional, foundational guidance. My lessons are humorous and encourage creative learning while inspiring the students grow as an artist and an intellect. I have taught more than 7000 classes to more than 2000 students and guarantee an amazing learning experience for each learner.

In the lesson, students will have the opportunity to learn directly from the teacher and each other, too. Students will learn to appreciate the beauty of artistic creation in reference to direct focus on the actions of others, as well, in order to give active and timely reactions in film, on stage and during auditions. Through a series of interactions and improv exercises, students will gain knowledge and practice the basics of acting. By the end of the lesson, your child will be able to introduce a variety of techniques into their artistic and social repertoire. Excitingly, we will extend on our lesson conversation depending on the student’s level and capabilities, with advice towards future explorations.

Please message if you have any questions and I will always answer you within 24 hours.

What to learn?

Learn to become a better actor through mental exercises. Relax during the pandemic.


  • Yourself and an open mind.

Target Audience

  • Acting professionals that would like practice their skills.
  • Anyone looking to relax during the pandemic and explore a new hobby.


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Hi! My name is Teacher Jeremy. I am so happy to be able to further my teaching career with YourTeachableMoment. I have: 1. a Bachelor of Arts (English Major), 2. a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting Major) and 3. a Bachelor of Arts (

Material Includes

  • No materials.
  • Pencil and paper (optional).


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