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Just ENOUGH Spanish for CONVERSATIONAL FLUENCY through STRUCTURES!! LEVEL 1, 1 session, $5, January 16, 1pm EST

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Just ENOUGH Spanish – Live Class

January 16 – Live Class


January 16, 1:00 pm EST

WATCH QUICK COURSE INTRO VIDEO!! This course is aimed at that target audience who only needs to learn “just enough” Spanish specific to their job, their travel, or to have quick conversation with a loved one. It’s called “Conversational Fluency” and the key to learning it is through “Structures”. This is not a quick “take one class and you’re fluent” as we know that is impossible. On the average, to become fluent in a language, it can take 5 years at an hour a day, one on one with someone to learn all the ins and outs of the language being studied. But, if you want to learn so you can start speaking TODAY, and not not PAY that much money, and really defeat the TIME factor – it’s through “Structures” and “Conversational Fluency” – click on the video for a demonstration where I explain with an example and then tell you which class might be right for you – the $5 class, the $15 class, or the $30 class.

What to learn?

Learn quick conversational spanish that will be the best bang for your buck, time, and patience level.


  • Come ready to learn with a journal to write down our lessons. Dedicated journal please.

Target Audience

  • Anyone looking to learn "just enough Spanish" to use it in a Spanish-speaking country, communicating with a loved one, or using Spanish in a work setting.


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I am Tom Stepkoski and my family and I are from Connecticut. I have been coaching, counseling students and adults, and teaching Spanish for 30+ years. I have a BA in Spanish and an MA in Counseling from Fairfield University. I


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