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Plan your novel! $29, 1 session, March 30, 8pm Eastern

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All about writing - novels, stories, plotting methods, character and world build, arc,
March 30 Live Class
Plan your novel – March 30, 2021. – 8 pm Eastern time


March 30, 2021. – 8 pm Eastern time

Hey, hey! Do you have a novel idea, but don’t know how to start? This is the right place for you! With this workbook you will learn how to prepare, outline, plot your idea, and what do you need before you start writing your novel. I won NaNo WriMo last year but I used this planning system and preparation. This is a specific method of planning your novel, and preparation that you can finish in just a few days set your writing goal and get ready for an amazing writing journey. I felt like that until I tried zillion planners, and in the end, developed my own planning system, which helps me keep of track of my work, hobbies, routines, and achieve my goals, in order to have a happy and healthy life. By using this workbook, you will learn how to declutter your brain, set up the main novel idea, build characters, schedule, and find all the things that you will use during writing. You will have a “Plan your novel” that we will use during the course, and you can be free to print it out and use it whenever you want! If you would like to learn more, join me!   Regards, Milena

What to learn?

Are you ready to start a new novel? If you are still struggling and thinking that you are not ready, after this workbook you will be! And, most important this book will be a good tool to use any time when you start a new book, plot your novel, or outline characters. It has been made for “Preptober” but actually, you can use it every time. This workbook is my main PLAN for all preparations that I need to do before I start writing my novel, and during writing, I can track my words, see my plots, journal, etc. Let’s say a few things about how this helped me a lot, and why I developed this system. I wrote 5 novels, and three of them are part of the series. Sometimes I worked on two books, with additional research, had a time when I write, then I stop to take a break and decide to do something else... I’ve had a tough time to stay focused, to go deep into my characters, and to decide when some event will take place, or when some actions need to be done. Then, spontaneously I started to make some word trackers, notes, plotting methods, character sheets that I used in a few notebooks, figured out what works best for me, and what is bad, and from all good things I made my first Novel Prep workbook years ago. Over the past few years, this workbook was really improved and adjusted to fit most of the writers, and it’s always a part of my novels.


  • motivation, paper, pen, pc, laptop, notebook...

Target Audience

  • All writers or those who would like to start a writing carrier, who would like to learn how to plot your novel, and how to track your words. If you are struggling to start your novel, this will be beneficial for you!


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Hello, my name is Milena, friends call me Mimmy. I am a teacher, coach, writer, content creator, crazy about planning! I have a bachelor's degree in Marketing Management, TEFL, TESOL, and TEYL certificates. I help people to find the best

Material Includes

  • Materials included:
  • PLAN YOUR NOVEL! - workbook/planner
  • Novel preparation checklist
  • Writer’s set of mind:
  • Journaling page
  • Food/liquid
  • Set of mind
  • Time for writing
  • Writing goal
  • Rewards & goals
  • Space
  • Tools (buy, prepare, find)
  • Tools use/avoid
  • Computers/programs/apps (to instal/update)
  • Computers/programs/apps (avoid/uninstall)
  • NaNo WriMo - Why?
  • Writer’s plan:
  • Novel idea 1st page
  • Novel idea 2nd page
  • Outline & brainstorm
  • Novel preparation:
  • Basic info
  • Physical characteristics and lifestyle
  • Emotional characteristics
  • Character arc:
  • ACT I (1 - 2 - 3)
  • ACT I (4 - 5 - 6)
  • ACT I (7 - 8- 9)
  • ACT I (10 - 11 - 12)
  • ACT I (13 - 14 - 15)
  • ACT I (16 - 17 - 18)
  • ACT I (19 - 20 - 21)
  • ACT I (22 - 23 - 24)
  • ACT I (25 - 26 - 27)
  • NaNo WriMo goal tracker
  • NaNo WriMo word tracker
  • Word tracker


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