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Private Ukulele Lessons, 1 session, $38, March 24, 3pm Eastern

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March 24 Live Lesson


Wednesday March 24th – 3 pm EASTERN

Siobhan accepts students of all levels and abilities. From beginner to advanced. Lessons are catered to the individuals needs. Let me know what you want to work on.

The lesson format begins with warmups and exercises. The bulk of the lesson will be spent on learning songs.

I ask students to tell me some of their favorite songs and we will work on these in the lessons (or easy versions if the song choice is too difficult).

Areas to be covered in the lessons:
1) warmups
2) technique
3) musical knowledge
4) repertoire
5) performance
6) playing expressively
7) music theory
8) how to practice
9) creativity (improvisation, song-writing)

What to learn?

-physical benefits - posture work, breath work, stress relief -mental benefits -coordination, reading and listening skills, concentration, improved memory -emotional benefits - creativity, self-expression, relaxation, fun


  • -ukulele

Target Audience

  • No experience necessary.


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Hello, I'm Siobhan! A versatile and passionate human interested in continuing to learn and grow throughout life's journey. I spent nine years living in Thailand working as a professional musician and private music teacher. For five of those years, I

Material Includes

  • -pdf's of what we are working on


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