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Ready? Fire!! Aim Later. (A class about SUCCESS!) 1 meeting, $15, Saturday, February 27, 2pm Eastern

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February 27


Ready? Fire!! Aim Later. (A class about SUCCESS!) 1 meeting, $15, February 27, 2pm Eastern

The explanation of this course is all in the title. Click on the video link above to get a FREE 2 minute pre-training/intro-description. Do you know that the secrets of successful people are not tucked away hidden like we think they are? Do you know how successful people achieve their goals? Do you know how they break through their fears and use their “resource-full-ness”? 80% is their mindset and non-negotiating attitude with themselves. This is what we will explore as we get ourselves “ready” for a goal and “fire” first!

Come join this course where we will explore 5 simple and non-complicated steps to GOAL-ACHIEVING (not just GOAL-SETTING) and see why successful people are so successful with their goals. This course will involve taking a deep look into ourselves and our goals, setting a goal where the results will give us a THRIVING feeling, seek out WHY we are pursuing the goal we are pursuing which makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE, concentrate EXACTLY how to devise a road-map toward that goal, identify our HABIT-FORMING CIRCLE people to tie it in, and finally avoid the PITFALLS THAT COME INTO PLAY FROM ACHIEVING WHAT WE WANT TO ACHIEVE! There is no secret! It’s right there for you (we just have to uncover some things) to have and accomplish!
AND……did I mention? THE JOURNEY WILL BE FUN!!!!!!

What to learn?

Students will learn that setting and achieving a goal requires NO SECRET - just a plan. Many people that set out to achieve something are not aware of the mindset of SUCCESSFUL people and how they use it. And, it's not really secret. It's right out in the open - we just need to reach in and find it inside of ourselves - as it exists inside everyone!


  • Have a journal at the class session

Target Audience

  • This course is for people who want to TRAIN their BRAIN to say "GO" even if you do not feel "TOTALLY READY."


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I am Tom Stepkoski and my family and I are from Connecticut. I have been coaching, counseling students and adults, and teaching Spanish for 30+ years. I have a BA in Spanish and an MA in Counseling from Fairfield University. I


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