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Stock Market Investment Game 100K Virtual money, 1 session, $15, January 4 7PM Eastern

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January 25


January 25 7pm Eastern

In this lesson students will learn the fundamentals of the stock market by investing 100K virtual money and trading in real time. The Stock Market Investing Game transports students into real world investing. You will begin with $100,000 in virtual cash and then put your trading skills to work! You’ll learn how to buy and sell stocks as you grow your portfolio. You will trade real stock in real time in an virtual environment and evaluate your profits and losses each day. No prior knowledge is needed.

Before we start investing our 100K virtual cash, we will learn what a stock is, how stocks are traded, and how to pick a stock. We will use examples of real-life companies and their history. What is a stock? What is a ticker? How to choose a stock? What effects the price of a stock? How to calculate profits and losses. Students will develop strong interests in the daily events that shape our world and barely realize how much math, business, economics, language arts and social studies they are learning.

Ready – Set- Invest

What to learn?

Learners will learn what a stock is and how to choose the ones to invest. This is an opportunity to invest a virtual $100,000 in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds throughout an engaging 6-week simulation.


  • Learners will be required to register for a free account prior to class. Instructions will be sent to the learners prior to the beginning of class.

Target Audience

  • The course is for anyone that wants to learn more about what a stock is, how you buy / sell a stock, and how our economy is affected by stock market.


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The past 17 years, I have been teaching students from 3 years old to 50 years old. 2 years - Post-Secondary – Black River Technical Education – Adjunct Business Education Instructor 12 years – Secondary – Hoxie High School – Business Education / Family and Consumer Science Education / Special Education 4th


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