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Super Beginner Knitting

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Super Beginner Knitting


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If minimum enrollment is not met by noon EST the business day prior to the class, you will receive a cancellation email and refund.


In this very basic knitting class, we will cover the steps of casting on using the long tail cast on method, knitting the basic knit stitch, working the basic purl stitch, creating stockinette and garter stitch and casting off our product at the end of the course. Each meeting will have a few minutes for introductions and a welcome chat, followed by an explanation and demonstration of the featured technique. After the demonstration, each learner will have the opportunity to attempt the skill in class with guidance for any difficulties.

  • Our first session will focus on casting on, and knitting our first stitches.
  • Our second session will focus on introducing the purl stitch, and discussing the difference between garter and stockinette stitch. .
  • Our third session will cover working on the bulk of our towel and troubleshooting any mistakes or problems.
  • Our fourth and final session will cover the casting off and finishing of the towel.

Learners should know what knitting needles are, and should understand how to follow step by step instructions.

What to learn?

explore the art of knitting through a simple hand towel project


  • a set of knitting needles (needles should be between size US 7- US 10. I prefer 9-10 inches in length)
  • worsted weight cotton yarn (I like Knitpicks Dishie Yarn, or Lily Sugar'N Cream, but you may select your own yarn based upon what is available)

Target Audience

  • Beginning knitters
  • Wannabe knitters


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