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Triathlon Training 101 $80, 6 meetings, begins March 30 2021

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Triathlon 101


Dates: 3/30,  6:00-6:50pm Eastern


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If minimum enrollment is not met by noon EST the business day prior to the class, you will receive a cancellation email and refund.


A six-week course designed to get you started in the world of triathlon training! Meetings will cover these topics:

  1. Picking a training plan
  2. Setting your schedule
  3. Choosing the correct equipment
  4. Finding and using your community
  5. Technique (special emphasis on swimming)
  6. Choosing a race, setting your goals, and choosing the right nutrition for race day
  7. Taking advantage of your off-season to prepare you for your next race season

This class is designed for a person who has little to no experience in triathlon training and racing. We will go through everything that is expected of body and mind in order to cross the finish line of your first race or to improve your finish line experience if you already have a couple under your belt! No prior experience is required, and questions are very welcomed!

You will learn what equipment you need, how to schedule your workouts, what mid-workout and mid-race nutrition is important and how to implement that, how to increase your workload without injury or setbacks, choosing and implementing a training plan, and how to use off-season training to increase your base strength without risking overtraining.

Many triathletes are intimidated by the swim portion of the race, so ample time will be given to discuss swim techniques and training! The specific topics covered each meeting will depend on the time of year and the participants in the class. I will adjust to meet your needs!


What to learn?

A beginner's guide to triathlon training and racing


  • You will need to research training plans to compare and create something that best suits your needs - guidance provided.

Target Audience

  • A person who has little to no experience in triathlon training and racing


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