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Wine Bottle Workout: Barre Class with a Wine Bottle!, 1 meeting, $15, January 11, 7pm Eastern

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Wine Bottle Workout: Barre Class with a Wine Bottle!

January 11 Live Class


January 11, 2021, at 7:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

Have you tried a Barre class before? What about with a wine bottle instead of weights? Grab your friends for this one-time, 1 hour-long class!

Barre fitness is based on ballet fundamentals and aims to create lean muscles while increasing flexibility and stamina. Small, repetitive low impact movements help you gain muscle and burn calories.

This class is taught by a certified dance instructor and is suitable for all levels of fitness and any gender. Movements can be modified to suit your needs. Just send me a message before class!

You will need a wine bottle (or a water bottle) that is full, a chair or ledge like a kitchen counter to hold on to, a water bottle to drink from, and comfortable clothing!

Structure of the Class

  • Warm up to get muscles working and prevent injury
  • Short stretch to increase flexibility
  • Targeted exercises to work the legs, arms, back and core using a wine bottle as a weight to gain muscle
  • Cool down to bring down heart rate

What to learn?

Improve your flexibility and balance Create long, lean muscles Have a great time working up a sweat


  • Please bring a wine or water bottle that is full (we will use this as a weight), a chair or ledge like a kitchen table where you can place your hands to balance, a water bottle to drink from, and comfortable clothing.

Target Audience

  • This class is suitable for all fitness levels and genders
  • Movements can be modified at student request
  • This is a low impact activity


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Hi! I'm Jamie, a certified educator and dance instructor from the United States. I currently live in Australia and have lived in 6 different countries. I hold a Master's degree in Bilingual Education. I've taught languages for the past 10 years and


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