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Endings and Best Beginnings

Yes, 2021 is a few short days away. What a mess of year 2020 was! The loss of routine, of things we can count on, and for some, even loss of health or family has been painful. As a country, and as a planet we grieve for the losses suffered. Reflecting back on 2020 will be a hard job even for the optimists among us. We had to find new ways to work and play. Talking about comfort zones became more related to virus risk than experiential events. 

The most successful among us rolled with the punches and embraced the new modalities of social interaction. Many of us, however, remained isolated and alone through some of the hard times. YTM was born out of this desire to help our colleagues, friends, and neighbors achieve community through the online world. I always say that ISOLATION IS A SOLVABLE PROBLEM! We are here to help you and to offer you this solution. 

As we look ahead to 2021, the impulse to make resolutions and improvements in our lives in strong. In January, we have an excellent slate of supporting courses and groups to start you off right. 


Maybe you want to make a resolution stick? Milena will help you set your goals and is ready to offer help to make that happen. Milena is joining us from Serbia and is committed to personal development at every level. She is an author and entrepreneur who has lots of ways to support her learners. You can read more about her here.

Tom Stepkoski is a coach and school counsellor who will help you. Are you tired of setting a New Year’s Resolution only to see it fail by mid-February? Only 10% of the people who set goals at the beginning of a year report that they achieved them! How do you set a goal and achieve it then when the odds are so not in your favor? By debunking the myth that New Years resolutions do not work. He has a 5-session course where he will help you explore the simple steps he has developed to goal achieving!


Our resident authors (Beth, Milena, Jeremy, Angie, and more!) are ready to help you get your stories on paper. Whether you want to write poetry, a short story, or a full novel, we have courses for you. 

Learn a New Language

Are you feeling motivated to stretch your brain? Is learning American Sign Language on your bucket list? Brooklyn is a wonderful and inspiring instructor who will make this beautiful language accessible to all of the participants in her courses. 

In preparation for the travel we will eventually be able to take, Mandarin, French, and Spanish are enrolling now. Seats are very limited to ensure the best experiences. 


Over your holiday, I recommend binging The Queen’s Gambit. What an amazing window into the elite chess life in the 50s and 60s. We have enjoyed it so much: the clothes, the performances, and even the chess game itself! If you are as much of a chess head as the folks watching this series, and you want to learn more or up your game, take this course


Our first piano course is in the calendar. Our instructor is an amazing musician and professional actress and has been all over the world as a performer. She is energetic, well-trained, and enthusiastic. It is a rare event that you could take a beginner piano lesson from someone as well-regarded as our own Kristen. 

Care to train for a triathlon?

Suzanne is ready to get you motivated to get fit enough to crush your first races in preparation for the ultimate race! She is very encouraging and ready to go. I have watched Suzanne’s fitness journey from afar with awe. I hope she will get the chance to help many of our new friends here. 

Wendy Blizard Eldredge, MPAFounding Partner

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