Interactive Live Online Learning

FAQ for Instructors

Why would I want to work with “Your Teachable Moment”?

We will be your matchmakers!

We will partner with you to find your learners and we support you with a platform on which to hold your classes.

We offer support to our instructors and learners through our community. We are responsive and professional in our communications.

We promise to simplify the planning, partner with you in marketing , and coordinate logistics so the only worry you have is to prepare and deliver your material.

It is all the fun of sharing information without all the other stuff!

Aren’t there lots of other live courses out there for adults?

No!  That’s why we started this.  While yes, you can find loads of great classes and courses in plenty of spaces–you cannot find them LIVE.  We are different in that we offer a place where adults can not only learn live, but can have interaction with the instructors and peers.   

In these very complicated times we can find ourselves isolated and looking for things to occupy our time. 

Not only can you learn about a topic or master a new skill, you will be joining a live online community for friendship and support. 

Where will I be holding my course(s)?

You can access your course(s) from your DASHBOARD on the website.

Once you enter your classroom, you will have access to a ZOOM meeting – simply sign in with the provided password.

Don’t worry – we will help you with training and support in the beginning so that you feel confident when it’s time for your class.

How much will I make?

Your income and earnings are controlled by you! Your schedule is set by you! We share 70% of your fee to you and 30% to YTM.

You will set your own class fees.  You will be able to set the minimum and maximum number of learners you would like to see in your course(s).  

Your schedule, earnings and class size are totally up to you!!

If the minimum number of students is not reached by noon the business day prior to your class, your class will be canceled and your learners will be notified and refunded.

How long will it take for me to get paid?

We will pay you upon receipt of your invoice.

Single class meeting? Payment within 4-5 business days if your W-9 is on file.

Series of classes? Payment will be processed every 5 class meetings.

Do I have to pay taxes?

Yep! (sorry…)

We are required to collect a W-9 from all contractors because we are a US-based company. If you are paid more than $600, you will receive a 1099 from YTM.

All instructors will receive an email from Intuit to complete your W-9. The direct deposit form will be included in your welcome letter. 

If you are outside of the United States we are still happy to welcome you.   You will be asked to fill in the appropriate paperwork for where you live.  

If you have questions regarding direct deposit, contact your banking institution.

What happens after I send in my idea for a course?

When you submit the forms to become an instructor, we will assess how you and your idea for a course, or courses works with our model. If we like it, we’ll send you a welcome letter with all the necessary information. Once approved, you’ll have access to the instructor tools on the website.  

Please prepare your classes and lesson times on topics you care about and that you consider yourself a topic expert in.

We encourage a wide variety of subjects to be offered. For example, one of our founders is an expert in non-profit management, but is anxiously awaiting preparing and presenting her class on how to make the perfect roast chicken. Another of our founders in an editor but is polishing up her website creation skills.

Before your class runs, we ask that you view all of the training on how to navigate listing a course and how to run the ZOOM platform.  These are located in the Instructor only area and instructions on how to access this would be in your welcome letter.

What credentials do I have to have to teach with YTM?

None! While degrees and certifications are great, we want passion. We want fun. We want topic knowledge. We ask that you are knowledgeable about instructing the courses you list.

You must be 18 or older.

We ask that you have a neutral background without a window, which can make your image hard to see. We also ask that you teach from a quiet, child-free and pet-free area to provide an amazing learning experience for our learners.

We require that you teach LIVE. We do not have any recorded classes.

We encourage a high level of interaction not only between the instructor and the learners, but also among the learners.

Instructors are expected to become familiar with our instructor standards and class content policies.

What are the technological requirements?

Internet connections should be a minimum of 10Mbps upload and download, with a ping lower than 50.
Instructors are required to use appropriate technology and e encourage you to use a headset, when possible, for the best sound and background noise reduction.We understand that for some of the physical classes a headset will not be best.

All classes must be taught in English.

Time Zones

All times are listed in Eastern Time Zone.

Our Future

We will be making adjustments as we grown and need to upscale. We look forward to exponential growth!