FAQ for Learners

Why would I take a class with Your Teachable Moment?

We are your matchmakers! We find passionate teachers who are excited to teach you about the topics you are interested in! 

We maintain and support a platform on which to learn in an interactive and live setting.  

We offer support to our learners and instructors through our community.

We are responsive and professional in our communications.

Aren’t there lots of other live courses out there for adults?

No!  That’s why we started this.  While yes, you can find loads of great classes and courses in plenty of spaces–you cannot find them LIVE.  We are different in that we offer a place where adults can not only learn live, but can have interaction with the instructors and peers.   

In these very complicated times we can find ourselves isolated and looking for things to occupy our time.  Not only can you learn about a topic or master a new skill, you will be joining a live online community for friendship and support. 

How do I access my class after I purchase it?

Log in to your account at the top of every page. All of the classes in which you are enrolled will be there for you. You can enter at any time, but the live portion will open the day of your live classes. Your instructor may have more information in the classroom for you, so be sure to check it out ahead of time. 

Our courses are held on Zoom.  Watch your email for confirmations and the link to join the “Zoom Room” for your course.

Where can I take my course(s)?

Right from your home or office!  

Can I request a course?

Of course you can request a course!   There is a form conveniently located on our HOME page. We’d love to hear your suggestions. Chances are, if you want to learn it–someone else will too! 

Can I record my class to watch later?

The model we are building requires you!  

We encourage a high level of interaction not only between the instructor and learners, but among the learners as well.   We believe that our learners can get as much from other students as from the instructor.   Making those connections is the best part of this platform and model!

What happens if I change my mind?

If you give us more than 24 hours notice, we will refund your full fee.  

If it is within 24 hours, we are counting on you. Our instructors need a solid count before then, so we cannot refund your fee. 

If it is one or two class meetings within a series we cannot provide refunds for the individual course times you may miss.   

The beauty of this platform is that you can take it anywhere! 

What happens if I miss one class of a series?

If you are unable to make it to a class, we cannot provide refunds for the individual course times you may miss.   

The beauty of this platform is that you can take it anywhere! 

What are the technological requirements?

Almost all devices have the capability to watch and participate with ZOOM.  For the best result, being in a quiet spot with headphones would be perfect.  However, we know life is complicated and busy–there’s no reason you couldn’t take a class anywhere.  Be aware it may affect the sound quality – so headphones are still recommended.  
Internet connections should be a minimum of 10Mbps upload and download, with a ping lower than 50.

Time Zones

All times are listed in Eastern Time Zone. 


Make sure and join the group ‘Your Teachable Moment Learners on facebook to share and make new connections.  Other opportunities for community are coming soon. 


Our Future

We will be making adjustments as we grow and need to upscale. We look forward to exponential growth!