Instructor Spotlight: Beth Fehlbaum

 “You should write a book!” 

Has anyone ever said that to you? 

People tell me that all the time because I have the strangest things happen to me on a regular basis. That is a topic for another blog… but… I do have a book or two knocking around in my brain. Mine happen to be non-fiction, but do YOU have a story you have been thinking about? Maybe this is your time. 

Beth Fehlbaum and I chatted about her upcoming Author-to-Author series that she is instructing for us in January. (Register here!) I was so inspired by her kind manner and impressive resume that if I didn’t have a start-up company that I am deep in developing, I would be enrolling in her course in a flash. Beth lives on the edge of East Texas, about an hour from where she grew up in the Dallas area. 

 Over one very hot and humid summer in 2003, Beth, her husband, and their daughters built their own home in a clearing in a forest on family land. She swears she will never do that again! Her three adult daughters are her pride and joy, and the furry creatures she shares her home with take up lots of her time. She has dogs, cats, and GOATS

After a long career in education, Beth recently stepped out of the classroom to focus on other great things in a lovely office at her husband’s equipment repair business. She has been working with emerging young authors and tutoring students in writing and grammar. Her sixth book is out at publishers now, and she is looking forward to many new stories flying out of her head and onto the paper. Beth started writing in response to the therapy process. She had a childhood that was filled with traumatic experiences, and writing was and is her escape and her balm. 

She roots her stories in and around the fictional tiny East Texas town of Patience, which is so lovely… because her demeanor is clearly filled with just that thing. Patience. If she had written about a neighbor town called Strength-Based Feedback, it would describe just how she will be coaching her authors in her course! Beth proudly described a book that she co-authored on trauma. She and her former therapist worked together on this, inspired in part by her own healing. Switching from young adult fiction to adult non-fiction shows how Beth’s writing is versatile and how skilled she is in this craft.

In Beth’s own words, this is her philosophy and description of how she runs her course: “I’m an award-winning author, longtime English teacher, and experienced freelance editor. I will not only present engaging lessons, but also do a deep dive into your weekly writing submissions and provide one-on-one coaching to help you tell the story that is dying to break out of your mind and flow beautifully onto the page. My feedback is empathetic, compassionate and helpful: effusive with what’s working, and also clearly indicative of how you can improve so that desired growth is achieved.”

In her course, she will present lessons and give thoughtful and useful feedback to your weekly writing assignments. She will be provide one-on-one coaching and group work that will be asking your writing muscles to stretch. Weekly writing assignments will develop into your own story and even possibly, your own book. You will need 2-4 hours outside of class for homework. This homework, with Beth’s guidance and feedback, could result in fulfilling your writing destiny!

Your Teachable Moment is very proud that Beth chose us as her first adult platform to teach virtually. She chose us for the interactive and live model which is our hallmark. This is a singular opportunity to learn from a real master and get your story out of your head and ready to share. 

On Beth’s website, click on “My Books for Teens” to read excerpts of her YA fiction books. You can also find the awards they’ve won, and where to buy. Click on “Trauma Recovery: Sessions with Dr. Matt,” to read about the book she co-wrote with her former therapist, Matt E. Jaremko, Ph.D. You can read more about Beth, including “10 Random Things,” here

Wendy Blizard Eldredge, Founding Partner

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