Instructor Spotlight: Brooklyn Walter

We are very new and only on our first handful of Instructor Spotlight posts. What has been the best and most notable takeaway for me in each, is the absolute inspiration I take away from each interview! This week’s spotlight is no different, and Brooklyn Walter’s stories and warmth has stayed with me for several hours after our conversation. I went to bed thinking about our chat and woke up wishing I had the same well of hope and strength she has. 

Brooklyn lives in Central Pennsylvania with her family and pup. She and her husband have five children ranging in ages from 7 to 18 years old. While she is a busy and remarkable mom, she also is an IT consultant, a homeschooler, an instructor with us, and an advocate for her four Deaf children! When she talks about how she found her way to teaching, she credits her children completely. Seeing that they had needs not being met in her rural area, she took the leap and pivoted from her engineering background right into learning everything there was to know about homeschool best practices. Add in the not-insignificant cultural education she had to acquire to help her children navigate in the Deaf community, and you have someone who is nothing less than amazing

Brooklyn learned to be flexible and to accept change well as a child. She grew up as a small-scale Army brat in Ohio where her dad was in the National Guard and often assigned to new battalions within the state. This also instilled independence and optimism into Brooklyn’s habits, and I was able to see evidence of that during our chats. 

A couple of years ago, her second daughter used her love of art and handwork to move into baking and sugar art. To support this budding entrepreneur, Brooklyn and her husband Ben made a plan after a damaging weather event. Massive renovation was required on their home, so they took the opportunity to include the addition of a professional and separate kitchen for her teenage daughter’s business. 

Another way that Brooklyn has grown as her children have grown is in the development of how she feeds her family. As food sensitivities grew in her growing brood, so did Brooklyn’s desire to develop ways to still treat her family with baked goods that were otherwise forbidden. If you enroll in one of Brooklyn’s baking courses, you will find amazing substitutions for wheat, dairy, and even some sugars. Baking with Brooklyn classes take place in her daughter’s commercial kitchen space and have clear shots of both her speaking as well as the recipe creation. 

I didn’t know Brooklyn before working on Your Teachable Moment, but I did know that she had been involved in many of the same places I had been before joining us. Brooklyn has always followed her children’s lead, and as they grow, she is growing her passion to include adults. While teaching online for children was rewarding to both of us, we found real common ground in that we both have a real affinity for adult learners. Luckily, the idea came for YTM at the right time for both of us! 

Besides sharing her delicious recipes and baking techniques, Brooklyn also works as part of our IT team developing our website processes. She teaches American Sign Language (ASL) at YTM as well, and she even facilitates an online security course for us.

I hope that you will take a look at your schedule and try to fit in getting to know Brooklyn. Her spirit is contagious and inspiring!

Wendy Blizard Eldredge, Founding Partner

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