Instructor Spotlight: Jeremy Logsdon

Today’s inspiration came in the form of Dr. Jeremy Logsdon. I got to zoom with him and I immediately was drawn in by his happy demeanor. His adult instruction experience has taken him from the high school classroom, to a prison, to a university! Don’t worry – he was just the instructor in the corrections facility – but it did wake me up during our introduction!

Living in Bowling Green, Kentucky with his wife and 8 year old son, he is now working at Western Kentucky University in the School of Teacher Education. He is self described as addicted to obtaining advanced degrees – and why not? As a professor, he is lucky to get free courses and tuition at his University. If only! Jeremy is a cancer survivor and his faith has driven him to take up a new hobby of Bible journaling. He credits his recovery and remission to his faith.

He will be instructing a course in Bible journaling with us. He describes this as a very meditative process where people can reflect on the passages they are reading and watercolor either on the Bible itself, or on a page you can slip into the book. Jeremy really likes to use watercolors since it is translucent and you can still read the texts. This speaks to the book lover that I am!

Each meeting of the class is based on a different themed painting that you can do during class. As the start of each class, Jeremy will identify a different verse that the painting could be especially well suited for. He will walk through the process of creation with the participants and will support the different artistic ambitions within the group. Jeremy plans to encourage discussion around the activity, ask participants to share what the texts are saying and even reflect on individual spiritual journeys.

Bible journaling can be a great way to read more of the Bible, brush up on your art skills, leave behind a visual legacy in your Bible, and grow in your faith. The best part – artistic skills are not required. All you need is the willingness to try!

Jeremy has always been a writer. He says even as a child in grade school, he would type out simple stories on his parent’s old Smith Corona. He brings these years of experience to us to teach a course in creation of a short story.

In this three-meeting class, each learner will progress from a blank sheet of paper (or empty Word document) to a fully plotted and written short story ready for publication. You’ll learn the basics of writing in this format, practice your newfound skills in fiction writing, workshop, and peer-edit your writing. If desired, you can also submit for potential publication to an actual professional market. You don’t even need to come to class with an idea; Jeremy will brainstorm with you, and after the first class you’ll have all the tools you need to start writing! He expects that students will leave with a foundation for the elements to create a short story – and they will have the tools to write a story for publication.

Jeremy is excited to instruct all of his courses and more – adult learners choose to be in the classroom and are excited for the expertise he brings.

Wendy Blizard Eldredge – Founding Partner

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  • I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to be here on YTM! I’ve met some amazing people, had some great conversations, and I look forward to many more!

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