Instructor Spotlight: Milena Stojanovic

I have a friend in Serbia! How many people in Americans can say that? 

Milena Stojanovic is a Serbian author who has been instructing courses for Your Teachable Moment since our first days. I recently Zoomed with Milena to chat about her courses and what life in COVID times looks like in her part of the world. 

Milena lives in a small city called Paracin where she grew up. She lives in a multi-generational home and spends her days teaching, writing, and creating. Her labrador retriever is her companion while she dreams of new stories to build into novels. Milena has published more than 200 short stories and five full length novels. 

The novels that Milena has written are based in her home city and built around Slavic legends, folklore, and mythology. They are epic fantasies with dragons, fairies, and other mythical creatures. She has celebrated the culture and traditions of Serbia in her stories and looks forward to having them translated. I, for one, am dying to read her books! 

As an author, Milena must be strict with her time and dedicated to the process of writing every single day. One of the courses Milena teaches for us is Plan Your Days and Weeks Like a Pro. It is her personal roadmap, developed over time, about how to stay on track with your goals. She is developing writing courses which we will see booking into 2021. I certainly look forward to reading some creations from this course. 

In September of this year, Milena received a special city award for contributing to the culture and promotion of the city. She loves listening to music as well as walking in the countryside and mountains. Milena finds inspiration everywhere and believes that people deserve to have the best from life. Her planning courses are built around this assumption. She is also a business coach and is skilled at talking through dreams to formulate realistic plans. 

Be on the lookout for additional topics from Milena! Her own goals for 2021 include building up a video series on Youtube. She is excited to create content to share there as well. 

If you take a course with Milena, you too can say you have a friend in Serbia! 

Reach out to Milena here in her courses or find her here:

Planning and writing – https://mimmyslifeclover.org/

Work online – https://mynewonlineera.org/

Etsy store – https://www.etsy.com/shop/MimmysLifeClover

Instagram – Milena – https://www.instagram.com/milenamikac88/

Instagram – Mimmy’s life clover – https://www.instagram.com/mimmyslifeclover/

Linkedin – Milena – https://www.linkedin.com/in/milena-stojanovic-293a1a168/

Wendy Blizard Eldredge, Founding Partner

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