Instructor Spotlight: Sabra Brown

My first contact with Sabra was on my cell phone. Somehow in the early days of our company I had been using my personal email when I answered potential instructors. My “signature” was my name and mobile number so of course, there is no reason not to try to call it! I was at first a little surprised and anxious that a person I didn’t know had my number, but Sabra quickly put me at ease — you see… she is an etiquette teacher! 

I immediately switched into my proper New England lady mode and pretended I had perfect manners… which, of course, I do not. Soon enough we were telling one another our life stories and having good laughs. 

I chose Sabra for our 2nd spotlighted instructor because she is doing something quite innovative on our platform. She joined us in early October and committed to us that she would not charge for any of her courses until 2021. For us, it increases the likelihood that learners would try us out and fall in love. For her, it could help her to start a following that will consider her future courses. And hopefully, fall in love with her as well!

Sabra is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. Her work in public relations has had her move from place to place over the years. In each place she would land, her entrepreneurial spirit shone through and she developed etiquette courses and other related events for children. When she was describing it to me, I was thinking “Emily Post on wheels”. But don’t let all that properness and etiquette prowess scare you — Sabra teaches classes in a way that puts everyone at ease and makes you feel like you have been best friends forever. Just think of her as that really cool aunt who wants nothing more than to help you make the best version of yourself! 

Sabra will be offering some amazing free courses till January. Check them out! You can tablescape like a pro — learn to wrap LOVELY packages that anyone would be thrilled to receive. Sabra will also be talking about her work as a milliner! Do you know what that even is??! She makes hats and fascinators and lovely things to go on one’s head. I am dreaming of the royal weddings and the Kentucky Derby — aren’t you!? All of Sabra’s courses can be found in the It’s Free category on our site. 

Other little known facts about Sabra are that she lives outside of Washington, DC but is from Alabama. She loves anything to do with fancy china, crystal and silver… and she has the energy of 4 people! You will always find her with a proper cup of tea close by (another of her favorite things — check out her afternoon tea and trivia class) and her very well-behaved chocolate lab (named Emily — after Emily Post of course) lying at her feet. 

We are so happy to have Sabra with us on this wild ride. Please find a course of hers with space in it. You will be so pleased that you did!

Wendy Blizard Eldredge – Founding Partner

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