Adria Woodruff

Hello & Welcome!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my profile on Your Teachable Moment. I appreciate your interest in my classes and in me.

I am a life long artist with a particular passion for drawing and printmaking, but I enjoy every type of art! My love for art began when I was very young. The moment I could pick up a crayon, I was obsessed. That passion drove me to look beyond my public school classes (although I adored those too) to search for other local opportunities to learn and create. I studied at my local art center and with local working artists until I began college. It won't be surprising to know I ended up with a bachelor's in art history and studio art! In addition to life long experience and a degree, I also have a little over four years of experience in teaching, both online and in person.

Every class you take with me is designed to create an open, friendly classroom environment accepting of every student, regardless of skill level or knowledge. After all, art is a skill that must be learned and practiced, not an innate ability! In my classes, I promote creativity, inspire my learners to master skills, and encourage them to new heights so they can find the fun and passion in art. I want you to be yourself, not be afraid of making mistakes, and support your growth in art. And like you, I am always growing too!

When I am not teaching, I'm working on my own personal art projects, tending to my garden, and playing video games. Yes, not only can I teach art, I can teach you how to relate to your teens!

I hope we get the opportunity to learn and create together!

Courses Offered by Adria Woodruff

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