Alexis Johnson

My name is Alexis and I am a storyteller.

I was 8 years old when I knew that I wanted to make movies. I have never stopped chasing that dream. I want to encourage others to chase their dreams, as well as to learn and understand the art of storytelling through film, television, literature, and other forms of creative writing. Screen arts and video media are increasingly becoming part of our lives. Therefore, I believe it is highly important to inspire everyone to use these mediums by educating them on their fascinating and important histories, as well as instructing them on their everyday applications. I will teach the history of cinema, the basics of screenwriting, foreign films, novel and literature studies, how to review/critique films, and much more!

I am currently a student myself, in the process of completing my Bachelor's in digital film production. I completed my Associate of Applied Science in Motion Picture/TV with an emphasis in Screenwriting from Scottsdale Community College in Arizona. I have also completed two novels and two of my screenplays have received awards and recognition from film festivals internationally. My recent work history has been primarily in educational libraries.

I love reading, traveling, belly dancing, writing, watching Korean dramas, and of course...movies! I currently reside in my desert homeland of Arizona with my dear husband Eric and our three rascally kitties--Winter, Murdock, and Sawyer.

Courses Offered by Alexis Johnson

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