Alma Giron

Welcome to Your Teachable Moment! My name is Alma and I teach classes focused in a variety of arts, crafts and learning Spanish as a second language. I studied Fine Arts and Spanish at the University of North Texas and have been teaching for the past 14 years. As a native Spanish speaker, I tutor students ages 10-16. Now days, learning a second language is so important. I have always been very passionate about sewing and crafts. I am an experienced seamstress, crocheter, knitter, painter and Cricut aficionado. I have an online store and fan base who follow my work. In all, this knowledge has allowed me to help a variety of students grow their skills and motivate them to learn new things without the fear of failing. I strongly believe that learning should be fun where students can laugh and be engaged in learning simultaneously.

Courses Offered by Alma Giron

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