Angie Ebba

Hello and thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about me! I am a writer, an educator, an artist, and a performer. I have been teaching students of all ages for nearly 20 years in various capacities. I have a BA in English from Western Washington University, a Master in Teaching from Evergreen State College, and a Master in Transformative Language Arts from Goddard College.

I believe strongly in the transformative power of language and art and creativity's ability to instigate change both within us as individuals as well as within our communities and society. I love when I witness a student find just the right words to express how they feel or come alive as they find a new, creative way to express themself! In my teaching I encourage students to find their own voices and use those voices to talk about what matters most to them. I believe in meeting students where they are at and developing learning from their existing passions. I think everybody has the ability to be a creator (be that writing, art, or performance), even if they don't know it yet!

I hope you will join me in class as we explore, create, and grow together through writing and creativity!

Courses Offered by Angie Ebba

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