Chantel Gregory

Hi, I am Chantel Gregory. My husband and I moved our family of 6 from a populated city in Illinois, to a rural small town in Indiana to follow our dream of homesteading, homeschooling, and slowing down to enjoy life.
Before our move I managed salons and have been a licensed cosmetologist for going on 20 years. I left the salon when my niece got ill and my sister needed assistance with her other child. During that time we discovered our 4th child was on his way, and one of our oldest daughters has special needs and was needing to leave the public school for more one on one instruction.
I instantly found myself home full time and busy...but a different kind of busy I was use to. I decided to teach myself how to crochet for a little "me time" and also because I was use to my hands constantly moving and now they simply weren't.
In the last few years I have continued to do hair out of my home and my crochet hobby turned into a passion and profession. I now run a small crochet business where I make and design products and patterns.
I love sharing my passions with others and looking back at the times I found myself home (like maternity leave) I always would try to get myself involved in something that I otherwise never found time for. I enjoy learning new skills but now I think it's time for me to share that joy with others. I've been that mom that just wanted something to call her own, just that one little thing to look forward to that helped get me through that sleep deprived week. Now I want to be the person helping someone else in that situation. Who knows what hidden passions there are in you!

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