Courtney Bowen

Courtney is a lover of the arts and anything creative. At the age of 3, she became a dedicated dancer, and has been crafting her whole life. She danced and competed professionally from high school on and squeezed in cross stitching and other projects when she could. Courtney attended UC San Diego, where practicality won out and she received her BA in Psychology with a minor History. Developing her love of teaching, Courtney then attended San Diego State University and received her multiple subject teaching credential. She taught kindergarten, first, and third grade in the classroom.
Courtney’s need to follow her dreams came about when she bought a dance studio at the age of 25. There she directed and taught dancers and staff ages 2yr to adult. She also created a performing arts preschool, geared towards combining the arts with preschool academics. When she had her second child Courtney sold her business and began to focus on spending more time at home. She began teaching ESL online and dance classes on the side. Courtney is the proud mom of Maeric who is 4, and Evelyn who is 2. Recently, she created a STEM focused homeschool preschool curriculum which she will be employing this year with both her kids. Courtney loves musicals, the ballet, and all things creative! She is so excited to be offering classes with Your Teachable Moment.

Courses Offered by Courtney Bowen

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