Hello my name is Marii. I have been dancing for about 20 years, I have trained in several different styles such as but not limited to Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Salsa, Bachata, Indian, and African. I have competed when I was younger with my dance team and when I was older I back up danced for a few local artists and had the pleasure of being in their music videos. I have taught dance to all ages starting from 3 years to adults and created my own choreography. I was home schooled at a young age when I found out I had multiple learning disabilities so working with people who have special needs is a passion for me. I have had several teaching jobs threw out my adult life and since my passion for dance was always so apparent in every teaching job I had, Dance teaching positions were created for me. I believe that dancing is a great way for people to come together and express themselves freely, so being able to provided the environment and knowledge to allow that to happen brings great joy to my heart.

Courses Offered by Damaris

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