Eve Smith

Hello everyone!

I am Eve Smith a practicing artist, art educator, curator and lover of life.

My life has always been driven by creativity. My twin sister and I have been creating since we were 3 years old, not lying ask my mother! During school years you could find me drawing and doodling on everything. After high school my first semester in college I met and married my three children's dad, 5 yrs later I am divorced and a single mom at 23yrs of age. I finally went back to college at age 28 and knew that fine art would be my career. I was driven and goal orientated and started my career before even graduating. Being accepted into an Artist in Residency program that lasted even after graduation. I have over 15 yrs of experience as a teaching artist at almost every level of education. I have taught 2 year olds and 80 year olds. I currently teach on the secondary level teaching Art I & II, Digital Art, Advanced art and Film and Media studies. I also am an online art history professor teaching Art of the Western World on a college level.

My practice focuses on the figure on a narrative level. The mediums I use most are watercolor, oils, graphite, mixed media and digital. I am a Multidisciplinary artist which means I have been working and teaching in all genres and mediums of fine art for over 15yrs. I am also a curator, cultural producer, and work in admin with other galleries throughout the mid south and east coast. My approach to teaching art is a little different from other art teachers. I really don't focus on the end product(although we are all human we want something that will "look" good) the art process is the most important idea in the creative moment. I can most definitely teach you technical skills and give you all my "artist tricks and secrets" but what I also like to do is to teach you to think like an artist! I believe this is the biggest secret of all! So come join me in this amazing journey of creating an artful life.

FYI: I am an empty nester, yes at the young age of 46, and you can usually find me either in my studio, at my twin sisters house, playing tennis or out in nature! This summer I am hitting replay on my travel plans that I had for the summer of 2020 and traveling to the west. I will be documenting my travels and research on how to create while traveling so stay tuned!

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