Susan Garrison

Hi, I'm Susan Garrison, a professional artist who also loves teaching others! I've been drawing & painting all my life and teaching for the past 3 decades. Although most of my teaching experience has been in-person experiences, I've been teaching LIVE art classes online for children & adults for a whole year now and have found that I love that virtual experience, too, (especially for small groups). It can really feel like we are all in my art studio together interacting as we paint!

After earning my BS Degree in Art Education K-12 from Middle Tennessee State University, I've enjoyed teaching art lessons at my own art studio, online, and in public and private schools. I've also enjoyed leading groups of adults through a whole painting from scratch to finish in one session--especially groups of friends or family and even team-building or social events for businesses.

I love breaking art projects down into bite-size pieces of simple lines & shapes as I lead people through the lesson step-by-step, while still encouraging options along the way so that every piece is unique. Choosing a variety of my classes will help you develop skills and techniques for creating realistic pieces as well as tap into & build upon the beauty of your creative mind.

Some of our lessons will focus on a specific famous artist or style to inspire our artwork and others will concentrate more on drawing techniques & tips to create a more realistic and 3D illusion. My class offerings include a variety of styles & use many types of art tools & surfaces. A blending of all of those skills helps form a well-rounded artist.

I truly take delight in helping people enjoy the whole creative process that leads to a lifetime of creativity and not just the end results of a single painting.

Courses Offered by Susan Garrison

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