I'm so excited and can’t wait to meet you all!

I am a qualified and experienced Primary Teacher, certified Life Coach and Founder of Little Ivy League and Be Glowy.

I have over 10 years of degree qualified experience teaching in schools around the world. During this time I've worked with 100's of parents and children from all over the world; from disadvantaged kids in Australia, to rural outback schools where classes involved teaching four year groups at the same time; to highly regarded private schools in London.

I'm also a certified life coach! In my practise, I help kids, teens and women to have more Self - Love and work on their Mindsets and Confidence to achieve their goals. I most enjoy seeing the transformation and empowerment that my clients feel and have made over their coaching journey with me. My mission as a coach and teacher has always been to help my clients and students to tap into their fullest potential to live their best life and go on to inspire others!

My passion is in helping children to build character, a growth mindset, social and emotional development and anything to do with creativity. I'm most passionate about helping people (whether that is kids, teens or adults) develop self love, so that they can value and accept themselves which in turn helps them learn to value and accept the world and everything in it. That is why the courses I will create are all around personal development and self love (whether it is for yourself or a parenting course to help your kids develop this). As an entrepreneur, teacher, wife, daughter, friend: I found out the hard and long way that if you want to succeed in all areas of your life, you must start with YOU!

Some fun facts about me:
- I LOVE travelling! I have travelled to more than 50 countries around the world and love discovering new cultures, languages and FOOD. I've also made the move to different countries to live for longer periods of time.
- Volunteering in underdeveloped countries, building schools and teaching kids is my purpose
- I have trekked to Everest Base Camp in the Himalaya Mountains to raise money to build schools in Nepal.

I look forward to getting to know everyone here and sharing all my knowledge about child development and personal development!

Courses Offered by Ivy

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