Joella Bower

Joella is voracious learner with an entrepreneurial spirit and a love of teaching and training. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education with a concentration in History and then a Masters of Education Degree in Counseling two years later. However, Joella couldn't deny her desire to create and build her own business and become her own boss so she started a coaching business in 2011 and has continued to grow and expand her business. A super geek with a love of all things "techy" she has coached other business owners how to incorporate the best platforms and programs into their business to prosper and grow. Joella also understands that to grow and become the best version of ourselves, we need to go within and seek change from the inside out. Her motto is "Success is an inside job" and she helps clients to discover whatever is blocking their success and clear the blocks so that they can create what they want in their life or business.

Courses Offered by Joella Bower

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