Katrina Gay

Katrina Gay is passionate about seeing individuals living more fulfilled and joy-filled lives. A dynamic motivational speaker, she finds it rewarding to assist them in reaching their goals and dreams through visualization techniques and adopting healthier habits and lifestyles. Katrina’s career paths showcase her incredible zest for success and educating people. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, a minor in Psychology, and also a TESOL Teaching Certification.
As an online educator, she is dedicated to imparting knowledge in people while providing them with validated learning techniques that help them assimilate quicker and stick to what they have gained. Presently, she engages in various forms of teaching, including English As A Second Language Teacher, Adult Literacy Tutor, Online Course Creator, Affiliate Marketer, and Motivational Speaker.
A proven educator, she has also been featured on several podcasts and live International workshops where she enlightens her audiences on her life enhancing techniques. Katrina finds every facet of her work to be rewarding and she enjoys teaching her students how to enrich and live their best lives through teaching them various systems that they can implement in their everyday lives. Katrina is result-oriented and committed to seeking practical solutions to various challenges people face daily.
Katrina is compassionate, highly approachable, and you will find her courses fun, informative and very motivational. If you are looking to make positive changes in your life, then she is the instructor for you!

Courses Offered by Katrina Gay

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