Barbara Lucas

My name is Barbara Lucas. I am from West Virginia, USA. I am a graduate of West Liberty State University, West Virginia University, and Sedona University. I, also, have TESOL (teacher of English to speakers of other languages) and Intentional Creativity Coach (using intention and creativity to problem solve) training. I have taught and coached all ages in brick and mortar schools and in online classrooms. Currently, I teach "Start Over Success, journal to your new normal" online. In this course, learners use paper, crayons or markers, pens or pencils to make a model of their new normal. Before something can become a physical reality, an image of it has to exist. This image becomes the blueprint from which to build a touchable, physical form of what is desired. At the moment, I live in the state of Georgia, US. I, also, do acrylic paintings, container vegetable gardening and rescue cats. I have six. See you soon in my classroom! Dr. Barb

Courses Offered by Barbara Lucas

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