Lynita Stambaugh

Marrying a farmer moved Lynita Stambaugh to Illinois a little over 7 years ago. She and her husband have four children between them, but are empty-nesters. Although Lynita currently lives in Illinois, she will always be an Iowan at heart, since it is where she was born and raised and spent much of her adult life.

Lynita has a BA in Elementary Ed with a Spanish Endorsement. She has taught preschoolers through adults in a variety of settings. After 21 years teaching in brick and mortar settings, Lynita decided to pursue other things. Lynita developed a passion for having an organized life at a young age. She loves helping others to get organized, as well. She also loves helping others create and make DIY home decor as a way to beautify an already organized home.

Teaching on-line allows Lynita to maintain her teaching personality and her interest in teaching a variety of topics. She is excited to include helping others to get organized as part of her class offerings. There is something about seeing an organized space that brings a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. An organized person has less stress and is also able to save time in their everyday life.

Another topic Lynita really enjoys teaching is mindfulness and gratitude. She has seen her own life change by taking time to be thankful and having a positive attitude.

Some of Lynita’s hobbies include playing violin at church, reading when she can find a few minutes, crafting, and being the farm “go-fer.” Lynita is looking forward to sharing her expertise with others in the "Your Teachable Moment" platform.

Courses Offered by Lynita Stambaugh

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