Margaurita Spear

I have been an "artist" since I had my first solo exhibit on my grandmother's back porch at about three years old. I would call that my abstraction period, I guess, because everything was about mark making then. A few decades later I completed my formal art training and earned a Bachelor's of Fine Art in Painting and Art Education with a double minor in Art History and Creative Writing from a small private art school north of Boston called Montserrat College of Art. In addition to my major I explored sculpture, ceramics, printmaking and a little bit of photography. It is important for me to be well-rounded so that I can teach many things. I am still learning new skills all the time, often because someone has asked me to teach a class. That is how I learned about mosaics, felting and paper quilling originally. Now, I've taught all of those things in both classes and workshops for kids and adults.

My mother insists that artistic skill must skip a generation, but I think everyone has some artistic skill once they have discovered their ideal art media. Techniques can be taught as long as the creative passion is there. When I teach my goal is more about getting my students to free their creativity than to become master artists. Mastery happens over time with lots of practice. Nobody starts out a master, not even da Vinci. But creativity... that spark can be nurtured immediately.

My classes range from fine craft to fine art, depending on your perspective. The definition of art itself is often up for debate and labels are limiting anyway. Instead let's think of my classes as paths to expression, relaxation and creative growth.

Courses Offered by Margaurita Spear

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