Melissa Bisoondath

Hello. My name is Melissa Bissoondath and I enjoy travelling to new countries, listening to music and participating in outdoor activities. I am a huge fan of roller coaster and thrill rides.

I have 7 years of teaching experience, having worked as a University Lecturer teaching Business Entrepreneurship, Economics and Statistics, as well as, a Business Workshop Facilitator and coach, teaching Accounting, Market Research, Business Model Development and Business Pitch to persons interested in starting up businesses. I have mentored hundreds of adults in starting successful businesses in various sectors and worked passionately with hundred of persons of varying ages (mainly adults) in transforming their ideas into reality.

On this platform, I will be teaching Business Entrepreneurship, Accounting and Idea Generation courses.

My classes and workshops have always been highly interactive, engaging and super fun. My classroom is a safe place for students to make mistakes as this is all part of the learning process, regardless of age. I look forward to meeting you in my class!

Courses Offered by Melissa Bisoondath

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