Melissa Adamson

The past 17 years, I have been teaching students from 3 years old to 50 years old.
2 years - Post-Secondary – Black River Technical Education – Adjunct Business Education Instructor
12 years – Secondary – Hoxie High School – Business Education / Family and Consumer Science Education / Special Education 4th - 12th grade.
3 years – ESL online - Independent Contractor – English as a Second Language.
During my educational career, I have had the opportunity to explore, expand my skills and education. I graduated from the Arkansas Career and Technical Leadership Academy. I attended an invitational only teacher workshop for New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
I am a teacher, travel agent and co-owner of a business. Teachers are passionate about teaching in general. My first love in teaching is Career Technical Education (CTE) skilled trade jobs. Several years during the “No Child Left Behind” Act, EVERY student was assumed to be on a 4 year college career track. That was an unrealistic, stereotyping agenda. If 2020 has shown us anything, it has shown us what an essential worker looks like. It is the skilled trade careers! As of 2015-2016 skilled labor jobs were a “High Skill - High wage, high demand" field. Now, in 2020 we are experiencing the shortage in skills labor positions. I love teaching! I use real world life skills and experiences to guide my classes and the students.
I enjoy time with my family, traveling, teaching and experiencing new things.
I like to have fun in the classroom to engage the students in their learning. My diverse career skills, educational skills and life skills can take us from our ABC's to life skills to virtual tours around the world!

Courses Offered by Melissa Adamson

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