Nicole Werbicki

I have a varied background of teaching people in multiple settings. From music, for all ages, to homeschooling and entrepreneurship. I am a life long learner who loves to see “the light go on” for my students. I have a 10 year old daughter, who I love exploring with. We go on bike rides, car and camping trips, and visit as many places as we can, such as science centers, museums, and landmarks.

I am an experienced music and piano teacher. Both private and group lessons have given me the experience to lead students on their journey of music learning and enjoyment. I truly believe that learning music on a continual basis will help students develop a “failing forward” mindset. Playing music also has the incredible benefits for one’s brain development and stress reduction.

I have owned multiple businesses, and learned through life experience how to be wise with money. I believe certain mindsets and skills can be learned at any age, as I’ve had some tough life lessons as an adult. My personal experience involves starting businesses, bankruptcy, and debt free living.

Courses Offered by Nicole Werbicki

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