Sharene Williams

Hello, I'm Sharene. I am thrilled to meet you here on Your Teachable Moments. Here is a little about me: I am passionate about books, English, and reading. I have a Bachelor of Science in Literacy Acquisition in Education. My current and most important job is being a school mom. I have been homeschooling for over ten years. I would love to teach you my strategies for homeschooling and show you some of my resources.
Also, I teach ESL online. In the past, I taught in various capacities and on different platforms for over twenty years. I volunteered in brick and mortar schools, where I taught reading and phonics. I used Hooked on Phonics with children ages 4-5. With the older students, ages 6-13, I taught adverbs, adjectives, nouns, and verbs using the curriculum provided by the school.
Here are my loves: 5 grandkids. 4 sons. Three pets. 2 daughters-in-law. One husband. I am delighted to meet you.

Courses Offered by Sharene Williams

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