Stephanie Quezada

I am an enthusiastic, hard-working and committed person, and the desire to teach. I’m kind and chill, I like to listen to everything my students have to say, including suggestions, comments on how to better my classes, or even being there when something is happening in your life; I want you to feel free, to be upfront and to trust me all the time.

My life philosophy revolves around being able to serve others. Somehow, find a way to serve my neighbor through my abilities. One of my goals is to create a stronger sense of solidarity and empathy in my environment and help others to built self-confidence, bravery and to emphasize the idea that we can all achieve whatever we desire, even when it comes to learning a language as extensive as Spanish.

I have a degree in EnglishSpanish translation, so I have a high level of proficiency in both languages, however, since I was born and raised in Guatemala- my native language is Spanish- so feel confident on my abilities in this language.

Please feel free to reach out, I want to solve all doubts so you are certain that I am your best option!

Courses Offered by Stephanie Quezada

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