Suzanne Beltz

Hello! I am Suzanne. I live with one man, two teenage boys, one preteen girl, one preschool boy, a very very very old dog, an enormous cat, and two rabbits. Escaping to my computer in the basement is a must. ;-) I have many interests and I love to learn and try new things. Among my interests, the most prominent two, and the two that I will bring to the YTM platform, are triathlon and language learning!

I majored in French and linguistics for my bachelor's degree, and I spent my junior year of college in La Rochelle, France. For my master's degree I majored in French and Second Language Acquisition and I taught at The University of Maryland College Park. I have also taught French online for an online highschool, locally to homeschoolers. I absolutely adore the French language and the French culture and I can't wait to share it with you. The courses that I will bring here will reflect those that you would get if you were enrolled in a university class. We will move fast and you will learn quickly. Bienvenue!

I also believe strongly in exercise and in having hobbies outside of parenting and work. I combine the two with my love of triathlon. I love each individual discipline (swimming, biking, and running) as much as I love putting them together in one race. Ask my stomach on race day and it will give you a different answer...until I can see the finish line!! I have competed for over ten years and through the births of two children and chemotherapy. I have finished everything from a 5k to a 70.3 (don't worry if you don't know what that means - I'll teach you!) and a 140.6 is on my bucket list. Make time for yourself and improve your overall health and well-being by learning how you can set goals and achieve them! Join my beginner triathlon class to learn where to start and my intermediate to learn how to take your races to the next level and maybe even grab a spot on that podium!

Courses Offered by Suzanne Beltz

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