Tara Oakes


You can't do good science without making a mess! That has become my personal teaching motto over the last several years...and I do enjoy a good, messy, hands-on activity! I believe everyone is a scientist and can have incredible futures in STEM. Ms. Frizzle is sort of my spirit animal in regards to teaching.

I have had a career allowing me to teach a variety of science content to all ages (K-12 students and teachers, homeschoolers, and the general public) and in many different learning environments and situations (schools, museums, zoos, public events). My classes could focus on everything from astronomy and space exploration, wildlife biology and conservation, earth science and water conservation, design and engineering challenges, and maybe even some of the science behind pop culture mainstays like Minecraft, Harry Potter, and Star Wars.

I've been very lucky to have a career that has allowed me to work with and learn from some amazing educators and scientists at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the Houston Zoo, the Phoenix Zoo & AZ Center for Nature Conservation, and the University of Arizona. I feel that it's just as important for me to continue my education while I have the privilege to educate others. I love learning and sharing the knowledge!

Courses Offered by Tara Oakes

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