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I miss people. I miss the invitations this time of year that flood in to meet up for a Secret Santa Swap, my cousin’s annual Christmas party, OUR annual Christmas party! Black Friday sped by without my friend Carol and our shopping strategy sessions over pink frozen drinks. Twenty-twenty brought us all so much change both in how we approach things as well as plan things. Isolation is kryptonite over holidays. Why not look to us to plan something interesting and as much fun as any of those missed events this season? 

Your Teachable Moment recently planned a private Gift Wrapping Tips and Tricks private party that a business person gave to her staff. I bet their gift swaps in the future will be the prettiest in town! Fifteen of her nearest colleagues will join her in a private zoom room for a very reasonable cost. When we do these events, we understand the importance of connection and our instructors are sensitive to the economic realities facing all. In this case, the instructor is only charging $6 per participant! That is an amazing bang for their buck and a thoughtful and kind gift. 

One of our instructors recently has planned and scheduled the basics of Bible journaling and how to use watercolor paints while journaling in your own Bible. You do not need a special journaling Bible to do this. In fact, if you like the idea of Bible journaling but can’t bring yourself to do artwork in a Bible, there’s a workaround for that, too! Why not invite your church group to join you and ask us to plan a special event for you? This solves the challenge of holiday celebration together, it provides an activity to unite around and the opportunity to share in fellowship. 

My friends are receiving gift cards for us to meet up in a classroom rather than at the Boynton, a local watering hole. I plan to get them together later in the winter to learn something we are all interested in. In our case, it will likely be mixology or maybe even a stock trading primer! One of my learning goals in 2021 is to become more familiar with investing and how best to approach this complex topic. I have a group of about 10 girlfriends — many of them going back to my childhood — and I look forward to getting them together to attack a topic and laugh over what will surely be a fun class. I know we are all interested in the investing topic since we are screaming through our 50’s and hopefully will be living a life of leisure in 10 years, retired and lounging on a beach somewhere. 

If your own bookclub has sort of fallen apart over this year, we have the answer for you. There are many instructors who would be thrilled to put together a special book club event or series for you and your friends. A fun way to do online book clubs is to watch a movie on your own and read the book the movie is based on, then come together with a moderator to discuss the similarities and differences of the stories. I think that was an innovative approach to book clubs and something very difference than the in person book discussion. Of course, wine and relaxation will usually be a part of these meetings

At YTM, we want to be learner drivenwe want your input as to what you would like to see. Offering private custom events will be one more way for us to really reach us you where you live. Please get in touch with me at wendy@yourteachablemoment.com. I would love to discuss the ways we can engage you and your circle of friends and colleagues. Special requests are always welcome and appreciated. 

Wendy Blizard Eldredge, Founding Partner

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