Budget Like a Pro

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$15.00 1 hour

Budget Like a Pro

Have you always wanted to learn how to budget and know where your money goes each month?  This class is for you no matter what stage of life you are in.  Join me to learn how to properly budget your months, and how to make your money go further.  My family and I spent 4 years getting out of debt that was crushing us, by budgeting.  I want to empower you to do the same whether you have crushing debt or just want to have more money to save each month!  We will address multiple incomes, monthly, biweekly, and irregular incomes.  How to set up sinking funds and plan for the future.  This is not an investment class, but we will discuss how much of your budget should go to investing.  Take charge of your finances by learning how to create a budget that fits your life!

What You Will Learn

Create a monthly budget that can be adjusted as you need Gain confidence and knowledge of how to keep track of unusual incomes Learn how to pay off debt or save for the future


  • Bring your monthly bills (you do not need to share with the class!), expenses, and income as well as your questions!

Target Audience

This is for anyone who has more month than money, or who is wanting to make the most of their income.


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