Plan your days and weeks like a pro!

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Plan your days and weeks like a pro!

Hey, hey! Are you feeling stuck with your habits, work, and you feel that you are procrastinating a lot? This is the right place for you! I felt like that until I tried zillion planners, and in the end, developed my own planning system, which helps me keep of track my work, hobbies, routines, and achieve my goals, in order to have a happy and healthy life. In this course, you will learn how to declutter your brain, set up your main priorities, and schedule all the things that move you to achieve the life you want. You will have a mini planner that will use during the course, and you can be free to print it out and use it whenever you want! If you would like to learn more, join me!   Regards, Milena

What You Will Learn

After finishing this course, you will be motivated, you will know how to set up your goals, and learn how to plan in advance. You will feel the freedom of procrastination, and you will be able to schedule your time and activities, to make improvements, and get your life together/


motivation, paper, pen, pc, laptop, notebook…

Target Audience

If you would like to learn how to plan your weeks and days, stop procrastination, set your goals, and achieve them this is the right course for you.


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