Anything Goes Brownies

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Anything Goes Brownies

Ooey gooey rich chocolate brownies.  Is there anything better?  (Ok, maybe a warm brownie à la mode!)  Have you been searching for a brownie recipe that you can jazz up and make your own?  Forget the boxed mixes!  Try our Anything Goes Brownies and add your favorite mix-ins to create unique decadent treats that come out perfect every time.  Even better, measure out the dry ingredients and store them in an air-tight container for your own version of a “boxed mix” for brownie emergencies…everyone has those right?

Our family has run a cottage bakery for the past two years.  Join me to find out the secrets to making bakery-style brownies. From the pans to the ingredients, I’ll share all the tips and tricks I’ve learned developing this recipe.  Anything Goes Brownies is a very flexible recipe and we often make it dairy-free or sugar-free depending on dietary needs.

What You Will Learn

Learn tricks to make delicious brownies perfectly every time



Come to class with the ingredients, pans, equipment, and a preheated oven!

Target Audience

Anyone who would like to perfect their brownie skills!


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